About Us

Harrison Scott Publications delivers exclusive news and information to professionals in the real estate, finance and investment fields.

Harrison Scott, a privately owned company established in 1989, publishes four weekly newsletters that are dedicated to providing market players with the information they need to spot fresh profit opportunities and identify oncoming risks. HSP produces:

  • Real Estate Alert, covering the high end of the commercial-property investment business. Subscribers also get full access to the Deal Database, a powerful online tool that contains the terms of all significant U.S. property sales completed since the start of 2001.
  • Hedge Fund Alert, covering the community of fund managers, investors and service providers. Subscribers get access to the Manager Database, which offers detailed views of more than 2,000 fund-management firms and the hedge funds they run.
  • Commercial Mortgage Alert, focusing on real estate finance and securitization. It is accompanied by the CMBS Database, a comprehensive listing of all commercial mortgage-backed securities ever issued.
  • Asset-Backed Alert, reporting on worldwide securitization of consumer and corporate receivables. It is accompanied by the ABS Database, a comprehensive listing of all asset-backed securities ever issued.
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